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Man walking in Woods w Stick & Seed.png


Yield Point - Hooke's Law


Autumn draws the Architect

when softly falling leaves collect

'round oaks and maples, their limbs revealed

What Nature's Force.... has time congealed?


Beneath their sky - bound wooden nets

entangled space his silhouette

rustles on a path that climbs...

he seeks the whole thru parts that rhyme


and brushing past a waiting form,

latent seed no simple thorn,

his coat provides the texture match

that lets a hiker quick attach


exchanging fare for patterns borne

in the way of woods not worn

a truth is given to express

the point that comes unlike the rest


In the sunlight clear he stands

free from thought a sound demands

the silence broken, fibers sheared

...the limit's known that can't repair


A branch has failed in his hands

a test he absently began

and all around he hears the rush

of wiser winds that but bend the brush


so gently setting down all three

the two that were one and one yet to be

his image fills the woodland set

... as Autumn Draws the architect




Jrm - fall 1986


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