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My Venus

My Venus is such a tease

An artist of slow reveal

mixing colors in the future

on a palette she keeps concealed

knowing that riddles are my pleasure

and that TIME puzzles me best

she paints from where her easel stands

and puts my vision to the test

Across a moonlit field

through airs of a misty moor

to a stone bordered cottage

with tall windows to the floor

I've disguised my arrival

as the wind drafts the hearth

the fire suddenly blazing

to illuminate her art

She is busy altering the day

wi the soft brushes of illusion

moving sunlight into darkness

but in a style quite bemusing

My life is the whitened canvas

that feels this painter's passion

a deeply textured surface

that matches her secret fashion

She's captured my deepest nature

with colours from the sky

and draws the morning light

from the center of my eyes

Sketching strangely familiar faces

that I know, but not All together

they smile as if to wish us

a time of glorious weather

In a basket of sturdy wicker

we toast to a soft ascent

  and as love inflates our spirits

  and the balloon finds its form

I realize that this flight

was destined all along

So to remind of this moment

that will surely come to unfold

I breathe the scent of roses

and she shapes the rings of gold

The ropes are loosened!

We lift above the hedges

she sets one petal drifting

to mark the stories edges

And as her hand stills to rest

and the palette fades from sight

she whispers to the flowers

"Tell my Love...Good-night!"




It's in becoming one's own witness,


that freedom from judgment is gained.




It's through grace kindling the spirit,


that Divinity forgotten is again re-gained.





Jrm   1986 -1988

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