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1987 - Wood & Plastic Tetrahelix Models - 1st Version of Tetrawave with inner hypers running edge to edge of TOTs, later version Hypars extended to outer circumference.
(Picture of me explaining the model to friends at age 33 by Davyne Verstandig)

"Alchemical Architecture" - An essay written for our local writer's group literary magazine in Washington Ct. in 1987. It was the first narrative explanation of the TetraWave geometry ...based on an Inspired "download" during meditation after asking if there was a possible relationship of the Tetrahelix with the Egyptian Giza Pyramid.

Alchemical Archtecture in Hobo

Alchemical Architecture - 10 YEARS LATER...
I was able to model the Tetra-Waveform in true 3D using my architectural CAD software and finally discovered HOW the vectors could be co-planar to the Pyramid's Face Angle of "51º-52m-14s". It was not obvious in my 2D drawings because I assumed the vectors went through the center of the Pyramidion, but now it was crystal clear that the Vectors angle diagonally across the face of the pyramid and are "Offset" from the center..... SKEWED as it were, across the face of the pyramid. If waveforms are internal, ie within the mass of the pyramid contained by the limestone casings, the waveform perimeter would align with Gold Cap Pyramidion, where they might have discharged as a coherent beam of energy into the atmosphere. In fact all pyramids can collect and magnify Earth energies regardless of slop angle. The waveform simply rotates until the it is resonant with the face, like "Tuning" a dial. Giza is special because it's proportions are most directly "Tuned" to the MASS of the Earth itself, resonating as a coupled oscillator as put forth by Chris Dunn in his insightful books, The Giza Power Plant and The Tesla Connection.

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