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Musings on The Nature of Electricity & Consciousness 


 (Adapted to be more of a narrative from a journal entry mostly written while in a meditative state in 1991)

What if our understanding of electricity is not quite correct? What if Buckminster Fuller's admonition that "Science has been thinking Shapelessly" is especially applicable to understanding the nature of not just electricity, but of all the electromagnetic forces, including light, and the Life-Force of all living things. We have become so accustomed to watching sine-waves traced out on an oscilloscope, that we believe the representation is the reality. Even a more advanced 3-D video animation, shows the fields as flat planes modulating at 90º to each other, with both relative to a straight line "Zero" axis. The image is more a reflection of the Cartesian coordinate system of the measuring device being used, than an accurate representation of the energy process being measured. This is just a more convincing virtual reality... a reification of the descriptive language and not necessarily the true underlying reality or structure of the phenomenon itself being observed.


The beautiful drawings illustrated in D'arcy Thompson's classic tome 'On Growth and Form" by Ernst Haeckel, marine biologist, and natural philosopher, clearly show that natural forms develop in a variety of ways, very few if any are "Cartesian" in form or with respect to their underlying growth and organization. Most natural forms that have been alive or growing, are reminiscent of various polyhedra in the process of unfolding or transforming and reflecting some type of motion or internal dynamic often expressed or observed as geometric spirals and helices... everything from seaweed to trees.


It's not so much that we need to think outside of the box, rather we need to adopt a language of describing the natural world that is not based on a box. A language, which as Bucky Fuller & Alexander Graham Bell advocated, mimics the spatial geometry of Nature, which is tetrahedrally based with 4 axis/vectors that balance and resolve forces with respect to real volumes in space and changing over time.

Everything grows out of a center or an origin and does so in simple ways that seem to obey laws of uniform spacing, symmetry, triangulated structure, or patterns of recursive repetition at varying scales. Many forms are fractal, self-similar or aggregates of nested hierarchies. 

The closest packing of spheres and the structure of molecules all follow this principle.


As one becomes more aware of the world and the universe at increasingly larger and smaller scales, extending our awareness in both directions....several things become apparent. First, whether it is water going down a drain or the formation of a galaxy, everything is in motion in similar ways. At each and every scale of reality, the forms, patterns, and dynamics of what we see are self-organizing & repetitive with unanticipated emergent qualities depending on complexity and self-reflection.

The 3-dimensional relationships of electrical flow or any form energy is also spatial, the dynamics of charged particles a result of angular momentum at each scale are spatially relationships and are self-referential structural integrities. In addition, there is an extremely important component missing in most analysis of energy ... And that missing component is ROTATION!  Rotation of the charged particles, as a coherent structural waveform, progressing through space over a period of time as a self-referential helical field, within the overall context of the universe. Everything is in MOTION regardless of scale. Everything is within and related to everything else. The Universe is completely interconnected at every scale and in every way possible.


Electricity is a multi-dimensional fusion of electrical and magnetic fields within the special proportioning system of the Tetrahelix Waveform fractally organized and harmonically accessible AS A STRUCTURE.  This ensures waveform resonance and connectivity across magnitudes of scale. Straight field lines are NOT flat. They are "warped planes" and depending on the configuration can be hyperbolic, parabolic, or a combination such as "HYPARS" which are Hyperbolic Paraboloids. I believe that the fundamental assumption that electrical and magnetic fields are "flat" is erroneous and a faulty assumption that developed due to the constraints of how we have discovered and measured these forces. That we have reified the abstract concepts and not thought logically about how energy truly exists in the phenomenal world.


Is it possible then, that Maxwell's equations are not complete or accurate in this respect? Do they suffer from a misunderstanding of the true vector relationships of the charged particles in a field?  Such a misunderstanding is probably what lead scientists to think that electricity is comprised of 2 flat planar fields of energy modulated at 90º to each other with respect to a linear origin.


Perhaps the real situation is more complex, yet at the same time more natural and straightforward and in reality, simpler. What if the 2 fields are not flat planar surfaces at right angles, but rather hyperbolic-paraboloid surfaces interpenetrating each other's fields, and in the process creating a 3rd internal conduit-like core space, circumscribed & defined by these enclosing tangential fields within which, contained and constrained, is an infinite scalar force outside the phenomenal reality of E/M fields and space or time, an eternal and evolutionary source of creation, intelligence and all-pervasive... literally at the very core of what connects all of life.

From a traditional electromagnetic perspective, such a structure might still obey the "right-hand" rule for determining the direction of electrical flow... and the "apparent" direction of magnetic fields. This determination of field structure and the underlying assumptions regarding them needs to be re-investigated.

In this "Torsional" physics model of the universe, BOTH energy and matter exist outside of and around some core essence which is a mental field of consciousness, an infinite intelligence instantaneously a single omni-present awareness of mind. This would completely explain all the phenomenon and experiences of non-duality and non-locality.


Sacred Space & Architecture

There is a complex relationship of "Magnetic Hypar-field Surfaces" as synchronized by the TetraWaveForm within the Tetra-helical proportioning structure. A cross-section through these fields reveals a shape often referred to as the Vesica-Piscis, a 2-dimensional symbolic representation of this channel of divine intelligence... sometimes called the Mandorla or vessel of  "Christ or God Consciousness". Such symbols are the fingerprints of Divine Energy flowing through all life and reality.


This internal channel of connectivity and communication is instantaneous and  outside the realm of space and time. The TetraWave is literally the warping of the primordial energetic fields of reality in a manner that opens the "Gates" of eternity to anyone participating in the "Human Experience". This opening can occur anywhere and at anytime since its source is not space or time defined or constrained. It is literally everywhere at once outside of space and time, a universe in a grain of sand, a point of consciousness reflecting all other points.


Healing Spaces or Sacred Buildings are designed in such a way as to appropriately allow the opening up of such "Multi-dimensional Portals"  in ways that are safe and grounded in one's known reality while introducing an individual to the reality of other dimensions and modes of existence & consciousness. Such spaces will have as part of their primary design considerations, certain features and properties to protect against inter-dimensional "Backwashing". This is a precaution against a kind of Consciousness "Polluting" that can happen between separate realities existing at different levels of evolution. It's not that one is better or less "clean " than the other, just that since reality is literally woven and created from the very fabric consciousness, each reality must be separated for its own coherence and inherent stability.

The pulsed toroidal plasma circuit, as represented by the a Tetra-ring a "Linear Wave Induction Motor".... (More to be transcribed)



1st Attempt at Channeled Information - 1989 


 (Adapted to be more of a narrative from a journal entry mostly written while in a meditative state in 1989)

In April of 1989, I heard about a “Energy Healer” named Betty who had trained with Barbara Brennan. She was local here in western Connecticut and had studied with Barbara as well as others in a healing modality called “Core Energetics.” The following is a brief account of my one and only healing session with her and several selected follow-up journal entries related to subsequent experiences with channeling. 

At 11:00 AM I met with Betty at her studio in Bethel, Connecticut. I was there for “energy balancing, cleansing, & charging.” I felt a little dubious about the whole thing, but thought it couldn’t hurt. Betty was very pleasant and directed me to s small simple room with a massage table surrounded by crystals with incense burning and gentle music playing in the background. During the session, as she explained the human subtle energy system to me. She said she would be injecting rose pink & gold light into the 2nd chakra, and so on as she moved to each subsequent energy center. When she got to my forehead, she worked her hands a little diffrently and said that my third eye was partially opened but had been "saran-wrapped over”… presumably to heal? I recalled the Kundalini Awakening 4 years earlier and wondered if that was related to it needing to “heal” in some way.

Towards the end of the session, as she held my head in her hands asked me if I knew that I was “changing”, explaining in part that a golden-green light was enveloping my head and glowing in the auric dimension. I replied that in fact, I had recently been reading about chakras and auras and knew a little about them, but had not really been aware of my own chakras or aura’s in particular….or how they might be manifesting. 

    She then said that I had two “highly evolved ET-Type Guides” present with me. 
    She could sense them and was aware of.  She said they had been with us for the healing… 
    and that they were there observing & guiding her in the energy work !!

            (NOTE:   I had never considered that Spiritural Guides and ET's might be one and the same!!)

She asked if I was aware of them and I said I wasn’t really sure, but I had suspected ever since the firat Contact Drawings that others from another dimension had been watching, guiding, and perhapes influencing. So I expressed an interest in learning more, explaining that I had also recently been reading several books on channeling and that I believed in many of the accounts. We finished the session and I drove home recounting everything in my mind that had happened during the healing session so that I could write it all down later. 

Later in the day after the session, Betty called to give me Norman & Denise Trager's phone number for contacting the Core Energetics People she had worked with previously, just in case I wanted to learn more about channeling.


After I got off the phone I thought, what the heck, why don’t I try it? I had recently read several new books on channeling including "Opening to Channel" by Sonaya Roman, and a major well researched book by Jon Klimo titled “Channeling”. I was also very intrigued by her assertion that she had been aware of two of my guides and that they were ET’s!

I wanted to talk to or see these guys!


So I decided for the first time in my life to try a channeling exercise by myself. At the time it seemed silly, but now in retrospect in 2016, as I look back at what has happened in my life and all the material on the internet from Aliens to Inter-dimensional Beings… I am blown away by all of what has transpired in my own life and what was recorded on that very first day and the sessions that followed. 

I used Barbara's technique as described in chapter 19 of "Hands Of Light", preceded by my normal practice of Transcendental Meditation. This was a kind of automatic stream of consciousness writing while in a slight meditative state of consciousness. The words come in that very delicate moment of “NOW”. Any attempt to complete a thought or analyse it as it is happening, stops the flow. I am always amazed when, after the session, I read it back and am struck by the wisdom and coherent messages contained therein. Later, it would be come prophetic and lead to incredible instances of Remote Viewing.

The following is transcribed from my journal...

April 12th @ 7:20 Pm 1989

And now I begin with a connection to my guides as identified by an energy healer named Betty; She had said that they were "Sixth -level" highly evolved "ET" types !  I ask their names and I hear.... Elben & Oraphim. They have a sense of humor, I am told. And so I aske....where are we to go from here?

...But to begin a new-clear relationship between you and our selves, for we are here to guide you in realizing your dreams yet to be fulfilled within the larger context of the transformation of your species and dimension. There is much work ahead of you and you must learn to be patient. In fact, that is one of the more major issues which we will be working with you on. But for now let us continue. 

The Healing Space which you have begun to imagine will in fact be a major direction for you. There are others like yourself which other guides like ourselves are working with now and are bringing to a point of readiness. You will all have different skills and resources to contribute to this project. It is still not clear who all the players will be, but be assured that this will happen as quickly as possible.  


We feel some tiredness on your part at this time, so we will take a rest and resume at another time. Again, welcome and be in Love & Light.  E & O

During this automatic writing session I was aware of a force, sort of a pulsating pressure coming down into the right hemisphere of my brain just beneath the skull bone. I continued to have mild headaches for the rest of the day as well as a sense of disorientation.

April 13th 4:30 pm

At my house, Pachelbel’s Canon in D Minor
 playing softly on the stereo. I am slightly reclined. My hands become warm as a presence seems to merge into my space, spatially aligned and juxtaposed over and interpenetrating my body. I rub my hands together and pass them slowly over the front of my chakras. This seems to open and charge them...

We are having a difficult time connecting since you are not able to focus. Your time is rushed and you cannot connect. We know of your struggle today with issues of Earth and Grounding vs. being attentive and pursuing these more ethereal realities. The point is that you must do both. Your purpose is not to become spirit but to merge with spirit with your feet firmly planted on the ground. So don't let your colleagues who don't understand and perhaps are suspicious of such things dissuade you. You know from the overall pattern of your life and the manner and care with which we have slowly come to you that we come on behalf of the highest light and work for your benefit. Relax. It is in the nature of spiritual transformation that a leap of faith is required to bring you through enough experiences which have supported your growth that fears may be alleviated. However, this leap can only be made by you alone. The more you look around and ask opinions from others the more you will stall your progress. We are not suggesting that you should rush ahead with unresolved fears but that you can minimize the fears requiring resolution to those of your own. We will endeavor to supply you with a sequence of tightly coordinated experiences over the next period of time (1-2 weeks) which will be offered within our context of unconditional love for you. Patience my friend. Your joy and growth will be expanding tremendously as a result of your faith and willingness to evolve. We wish you well and will continue at another time. From our place of light & love, E&O.

April 16th 1989

You have asked for a connection to the guides of the highest light and we are here. There will be times when your doubts will feed into the negative energy forces yet to be dissolved within your energy field. Have faith that this will take place soon. There are many people like yourself who are on this path and you should meet with them as they are made known to you so that you can compare notes, as it were, to support and encourage mutual growth. 

The reason why you have negative voices at times has to do with unresolved issues of guilt around the bankruptcy & divorce. You have significant work to do in these areas before your self-esteem and self-confidence can return to their old level. 

We are impressed by your courage to forge ahead despite these difficulties and we will attempt to reinforce your attitude towards channeling with positive synchronistic events, what you might call "experiential punctuations" in your daily life. 

The next two weeks promise to be very exciting for you. Lots of new faces and people working on New Age projects will begin to be directed to you. Follow up on these contacts. You will also need to organize your poems, drawings & research in such a way that it will be more presentable & cohesive since interest will mount quickly in your work once the initial contacts are made. You need to be somewhat discriminating in how much and what you show just from the standpoint of personal strategy. If you find that anyone is showing a monetary interest in your ideas, be careful not to give the store way. Although patenting your ideas may not be the correct step at this time, certainly copying all the information & having it notarized by Glenn & then deposited in a bank box would be prudent. 

Also take care how you announce you abilities to channel to those who hold a skeptical ear. Especially Jane, since there are complicated issues of child custody which at the moment is perhaps a little more in her control than yours. But also because you don't want negative thoughts and judgments coming from others who may be cynical and judgmental out of their own fear and ignorance.

 Working on the Design Projects you have in-house is very important at this time not only for money/survival reasons but also because the skills you will be needing to coordinate larger groups on other projects will be developed during this time. Pay particular notice to methods of time management & production techniques as they are offered from various sources. 

Andy is a good support person and you should use him as necessary, you may have the opportunity to return the favor. This connection has been good. Keep a regular schedule for these sessions and progress will be rapid. We will leave you now. 

Peace & light be with you, Joseph. We are looking forward to our collaboration with you with much "De light"!!  Love, Rael & others.



Several days later...

Welcome Joseph, we are most pleased to make this connection with you tonight. You have been handling the stresses of the day very well. You shouldn't be down on yourself for letting your emotions show. After all it is their expression which will clear your field and prevent stagnation. 

We wish to express our concern that you get enough rest during this period of development. We understand the pressures at work, but as you know there will always be work for you, and what is most important is that you learn how to control it and manage both your clients and your employees, so that you have the space & time to evolve. 

You will have plenty of opportunity to assist those elements of society which you are concerned with once you have established yourself and created a viable business. 

Also you shouldn't be so wishy-washy with your employees. Set guidelines and be clear about expectations. There are many sides to the learning process and sometimes you need to be tough. 

We feel your desire for a mate and must say that you will have to wait for the one who will be your life's love. However there will be several wonderful women for you to be with before then. Enjoy yourself. Explore and be joyful. 

We know you are tired, so rest. Until next time...Rael

April 22nd 1989

Met with Julia Bondi @ 12:30. Went to Pymander afterwards and bought Enya & the book "Linkup".

Returned home and  began the following session.

A fusion of polarities
the resolution of dualities
the garden re-attained
heaven's light sustained...

And so we begin to understand that symbology and sacred architecture is a language of energy relationships. The reality of these relationships may seem at times to be irrational and contrived because they are limited by their two dimensional representation. It is necessary, that when higher-dimensional realities are expressed in a lower dimension, multiple symbols are required to represent the higher ordering systems. These realities must be considered from several angles, as it were. This is similar to the process of using section cuts through various parts of a building in order that the mind can assemble the whole construct even though each discrete perception offers only partial information. 

(footnote: There is point when a spinning rope if increased in speed of revolution becomes chaotic before it locks onto its next higher harmonic cycle. So too with the development of your perceptual abilities.)

 Back to symbology...It can be seen that occult and sacred symbols are in effect "Construction Sections" of a higher order reality. They are simplified or stepped-down representations of higher dimensional systems. There is, in addition to this dimensional problem of representation, the rich but misleading character of cultural customs and religious beliefs related to transformational experiences, which have developed during mankind's history. When one looks with unprejudiced eye (a la Joseph Campbell), the underlying symbology and geometry becomes unmistakably similar. The task then is as follows; Abstract the essential geometric relationships of the mythological image and Organize the hierophanies into the following categories of energy systems.

        1  The hypercolumn & related vortexes
        2  The energy ring, seal or portal
        3  The consciousness capsule
        4  The isotropic energy matrix or Unified Energy Field

The energy ring or seal is used to tap into an isotropic matrix. It may be temporary or become a stable portal. The energy ring can also act as a guide/datum for the hypercolumn so that transfers between two different energy matrices can occur by establishing energy rings at each end with the hypercolumn center channel as the transit-core. In actuality, transit is instantaneous once the core is stable. (refer back to resonant affinity circuits). A multi-dimensional consciousness must align spatially and temporally, juxtaposed and interpenetrating the mind-field. For now an example would be a vector equilibrium with its center aligned with the pineal gland. This allows for a multi-dimensional resonant field to be established in direct contact with the pineal body thereby allowing though-forms to manifest in the mind-space. This "thought-form/mind-space" can be altered by any number or combination of sensory inputs from each of the normal 5 senses or by whole body/field perception and reception. 

The consciousness of the planet exists in all things and can be tapped into by developing energy thoughtform configurations within your mindspace which in essence will function as a resonant electromagnetic antenna does.
    (See Drawing)

April 24th 1989

You may begin writing for we are here once again in your space/time & dimension/zone. 

So, you have been discovering common threads in the inventions of the various sciences which in their morphic representation "rhyme" with the Stargate Model. As the species as a whole is quickened, the unity of the underlying principles of your existence will begin to manifest in the creative arts & sciences, for the revelation at hand is the creative force itself!! The subtle connection between all of life, animate & inanimate, is of singular, eternal, and all pervading essence. God, the life force. 

When you have come to terms with this within the context of your present incarnation there will be an expansion of consciousness which in of itself will be gnosis & acknowledgment. Expressions of divinity will become a part of your nature, for more of your body will be infused with the higher frequencies of "white light". Even now you feel the tingling and sensations of your soul presence awakening. 

The events about to unfold before you have been planned & orchestrated to occur in an optimal sequence by your GodSelf who you refer to as Rael. It will be important for you to ground yourself in the moment of each breath. Now more than ever before in this lifetime you must love yourself in thought and deed. We will depart now. From the realms of the highest light, we bid you grace. The Angels.


For me, nowhere is God more evident than through the study of geometry, for as one discovers the generative and always self-confirming relations of the part to the whole revelations of a transcendental nature unfold.




Greetings Joseph, we are here tonight with a few of our colleagues who are interested in working with you on the some of the projects which will be "around the corner" so to speak. We have monitored your progress with much delight. We must say that all systems look good and your evolution is moving along at an admirable pace. 

We must caution you however that it is easy to fall into a sort of ego/power-trip over one's spiritual growth. You must remember that the quality of the process is as important as the speed, so remember to reflect and meditate when appropriate. 

Stacey is definitely a special link for you. Yes you have been together in past lives but in reversed roles. She has been a provider for you and nurtured you through a very difficult illness. You have a lot to offer her in this lifetime and must treat this relationship with much respect. You will both be experiencing consciousness shifts as a result of your involvement together. Continue to ask for the space & distance you need when things become overbearing. You need to become better at this and Stacey needs to learn that she is entitled to the same with you and with others. It is clear to you that she is an extremely strong personality and draws on deep resources. She is very open spiritually and will develop clear and dynamic connections to her higher self soon. As you have surmised there is a lot of blocked energy due to inhibitions about her body. You will be the catalyst needed to help her begin the process of healing her feelings about her body. Until this happens she will not have the ability to draw up the kundalini energy necessary for her evolutionary process. It will not be an issue of obligation for you because the opportunities for mutual assistance are multitudinous. 

Well perhaps this is enough for now. It  is late and its been awhile since our last session. God bless you, Joseph, and we look forward to our next "Xchange". Love from our realms. Rael & company!!


I sit tonight and speak with the energy forces that surround and guide me. I am jubilant and grateful for the care and direction I have received. Greetings to my friends in the spirit...

Welcome Joseph, I am here tonight to prepare you for some difficult growth sequences. The time ahead of you will be fraught with many choices between working in directions that your heart is not in and those where it is. It will be your task to work on the beliefs and values which underlie your psychological makeup. It is time for major questioning of some very fundamental beliefs which have prevented you in the past from completing and attaining your goals. 

The connection with your father is being run concurrent with this questioning because the issue of external authority versus self-worth & esteem are at odds and need resolution. You must look at all the events about to transpire, from many viewpoints, but most of all you must continue to develop and "lock-in" on a deep & automatic "knowing" of what is your truth and what is not. You must always operate out of your truth. This is the key to navigating in the world of illusions. Synchronistic events will be the roadsigns that you are on the path that your higher self has charted. The meaning of each synchronicity will vary with the energy to be resolved. The process is irrational but optimal for your particular needs. So trust and always operate out of your "knowing". If there is indecision follow the path of least resistance. 

You should begin the process of outlining your research. Start files and be diligent about regular work on the project. Also we should communicate more frequently. 

Love Stacey, she is an angel guide for you now. Don't worry about the issues of her marriage so much. Lighten up and honor your feelings. Enjoy each day. You need to exercise. Love Rael.

6/22/89   9 AM

Peace Joseph. The time is approaching when you must begin rebuilding your independence. It is your truth to express your inner desires and feelings in a way which may not be socially acceptable to those around you. In your mind the question of sin and whether or not you displease God is of primary concern. But change is the essence of being alive. Change is necessary for growth. There is no absolute good or evil. There is merely the resolution of dualities in order to travel the middle way. You must begin to follow your intuition regarding matters of career. There is much for you to discover and explore. Your heart knows the way, follow it. There may be temporary consequences which from a superficial understanding may appear risky, but that is the drama of evolution. Be alive to your passion!! Otherwise you are just a cog in the machine. Be responsive. You are a catalyst of change, as Bucky Fuller would say, a verb in a world of nouns. It is not your role to be tied to a particular situation at this point. The energy of the creative force is welling up inside you and needs an outlet. Do your work on the Stargate project and let others accommodate you. You do not need to always anticipate other's reactions and in so doing constrain your own expression. Go for it!!   Rael



The time is approaching when you will become aware of a new direction. This new direction of life work will be built upon all that you have learned from the many and at times seemingly unrelated fragmented experiences of your life. However, each and every situation has been carefully planned to gain you the knowledge and perspective required for the difficult and unconventional task before you. You & your co-workers will be pioneering methods and techniques for healing, which is nothing more than the self in darkness opening to the light of their own Godself. This work is what you have been yearning for all your life. Your heart has longed to know (remember) the wonderful task which you have come into this lifetime to accomplish. 

We wish to caution you to stay organized and on top of scheduling in your daily work. Things will develop quickly. Your relationship with Glenn will in fact be diminishing in terms of direct collaboration but an association of a more challenging nature will be replacing it.

"Synchro's" will begin to come under your influence. Practice manifesting and observing to confirm this. 

A mutual and beneficial relationship will begin with your father if you so choose to follow up on each encounter. He loves you dearly and waits for the day when he can say to you that he loves and is proud of you. You wait for this day as well. It is within your control to nurture this relationship. 

Jane will be going through difficult personal growth sequences and would benefit from your understanding. 

Stacey must now face her self and make decisions necessary for her future happiness, It is important that you be completely up front about your feelings so that she can make her decisions based on truth and her own personal needs. 

Your boys are connected with you in ways which would boggle you mind if revealed. Respect them and their assistance to you. They are angels of high standing who have come to you to help you fulfill your dreams. Provide well for them. They are more precious than all of heaven's treasures. You are very fortunate. 

I will leave you now. Work hard, stay organized. With unending love, Rael.


Greetings Joseph. It has been some time since you have asked for this connection. We wish to express our heartfelt concern that you try to maintain this connection more frequently and directly. It will be clearer the more often you do. Until this mode of communication is stabilized we will attempt to direct your conscious attention to images & events which will convey our messages by association and "contextualism". Ah! So you begin to understand contextualism. It is a means of building a language from the meanings inherent in already existing images and realities. There is so much which you are trying to grasp that we cannot build a broad enough language as quickly as you would like. But it is working and you will soon have an open flowing channel if you continue the process. 

It is important to continue the analysis part of your geometric studies. it is the foundation on which you will be building further premises and must be accurate and precise. Already there is tremendous synthesis to be done on what you have discovered. (note: levitation will be an eventual reality both for you personally and also in terms of the structures you are imagining!) But first things first!! Analysis, documentation, and patent research. Publishing is something you should begin to think about. Work on an outline of the basic premises, the details will fall into place. You have so much reference material it will take all winter to sift through it all. 

We must say that you've got old Robert Lawlor most intrigued with your geometric models. Followup with the information he requested. Also a nice card to June Cobb at the Cathedral for the introduction would be in order. She enjoys helping to promote and connect kindred spirits. 

Please don't fade away from these writings, not only will they firm up the link, but future reference back to these writings will confirm and quicken your growth. We all love you very much. Hang in there!!  Rael & friends.

I am your GodSelf/SoulPresence. I am but a greater whole which you are a part of. Don't let this knowledge frighten or diminish you sense of self worth or validity. You have entered into a higher level of soul consciousness and integration. You have chosen conscious life over unconscious life. You are learning to witness your life and the varied interactions you have with the people that you meet daily. You have chosen to actively transform and influence these realities so that the entire web of your life, this interactive karmic complex, may become more enlightened, and so that not only you but the world reality which you are an inseparable part of may also evolve. 

You have additionally begun the process of eliminating addictions and understanding the underlying dynamics which fuel them. Substance abuse (now coffee and food) is coming under your control. The next step is a big one! Sexual addiction. You must overcome this to make a threshold jump. Do not be dismayed. A solid foundation is in place and patience and intention is all you need. 

You have also begun to infuse your work/career with love and spirit. Follow-up on all the varied threads (ie school. June Cobb, Lawlor connection, etc.). The balloon is filling now that it has been unfolded and unwrinkled. Enjoy the process. Write often. 

The Stargate project must receive direct attention from you now. Start writing and outlining. Organize research materials. Do a priority list. Followup on Cesar's Polyhedron Theorems. Well, you know the rest..  Peace love and all that stuff, Your higher self, Rael.

 Last session in 1989. No record of sessions in 1990. Traveled to Italy May 15, 1990 through May 29th.

Peace my Friend,
Much time has passed since our last "direct " communication but of course we have been by your side. Guidance is something you have learned to incorporate into your daily routine. We understand your desire to not directly acknowledge our presence since you have not completely incorporated our reality and your sense of your unfolding reality into your belief system. Events will be moving along towards realizing the Healing Space Project. The players in this most remarkable venture have been carefully chosen. They are all bright and spiritually attuned individuals. This is not to say that they are educated in Divinity schools or are religious adepts. In fact, they may appear at first glance, to be ordinary but ambitious artists, business people, technicians, teachers, and "Renaissance folk". You have all requested in one way or another to participate in the beginning projects of what will become a major breakthrough and understanding of the interface between health, spiritual healing/evolution, and the forces of nature. These forces will become not controllable, but shall we say cooperative in the evolutionary and transformative processes which you all will help to pioneer and document. The healing space will be more than you might imagine. We sense your difficulty in focusing so we will leave you now. Peace and love from all of us in the spirit. 
PS    Treasure the network which will be coming together. It is held together by the deepest understanding of love and compassion. Trust, and be well. 


Flow with the events of each day. There will be a moment soon when you will know what you should do. When you recognize the actions of your heart you will know how to proceed. The essence of life & love is to flow with the drama and the roles that befit your time & place. A heart that yearns for love is felt by all that yearn the same. Connections are simply a matter of coordination & intent. Be sure to listen to your quietest thoughts, for they are the closest to the source. Now is a time to rejoice.


From beyond your time we are connecting with you. Peace & calm be with you. There is a quickening which is occurring as you approach the next gate of realization. Rest assured that you will have the time and support to fulfill your work. There will be a series of events in the next week or so which will give you guidance and direction with respect to writing your article. You must simply take notes and organize your material. For now, just take a deep breathe and get some rest. Tomorrow will begin the task of clearing away old obligations and unresolved business. Greg and Mike will assist you as needed with regard to Judy. Don't worry. She is about to embark on an amazing project of her own. Support her from a distance. She will appreciate your love as time passes. This is all for now. Breathe and sleep. Love...from your Godself.

Last entry sometime in the summer of 1994

In the greater scheme of things there is a sacred purpose to the events and situations which you are now confronted with. It will take time for this to be clarified but be assured that your role is not one of negativity or in any way destructive. The design and evolution of the architectural project you are engaged in is a vehicle for growth and change for many of the people working on it. For you there is a major transformation which can occur. Have no fear of anxiety for everyone is supported and have agreed on a higher level to the events which are unfolding. Of most importance, as metaphorically reflected throughout this project, is to discover those aspects of both house & home which are deficient or inferior and to bring them into the light. Once exposed, it will be clear how to proceed in order to transform the conditions. Your emotions are valid and will be honored even by those who you might suspect would hold you in contempt. But what has happened here is not bad or evil. It is simply the growing of souls. You should acknowledge and enjoy your feelings. Don't worry so much. Your work and integrity is not in question. Only time will complete the picture.


You are safe.  





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