Musings on The Nature of Electricity & Consciousness 


 (Adapted to be more of a narrative from a journal entry mostly written while in a meditative state in 1991)

What if our understanding of electricity is not quite correct? What if Buckminster Fuller's admonition that "Science has been thinking Shapelessly" is especially applicable to understanding the nature of not just electricity, but of all the electromagnetic forces, including light, and the Life-Force of all living things. We have become so accustomed to watching sine-waves traced out on an oscilloscope, that we believe the representation is the reality. Even a more advanced 3-D video animation, shows the fields as flat planes modulating at 90º to each other, with both relative to a straight line "Zero" axis. The image is more a reflection of the Cartesian coordinate system of the measuring device being used, than an accurate representation of the energy process being measured. This is just a more convincing virtual reality... a reification of the descriptive language and not necessarily the true underlying reality or structure of the phenomenon itself being observed.


The beautiful drawings illustrated in D'arcy Thompson's classic tome 'On Growth and Form" by Ernst Haeckel, marine biologist, and natural philosopher, clearly show that natural forms develop in a variety of ways, very few if any are "Cartesian" in form or with respect to their underlying growth and organization. Most natural forms that have been alive or growing, are reminiscent of various polyhedra in the process of unfolding or transforming and reflecting some type of motion or internal dynamic often expressed or observed as geometric spirals and helices... everything from seaweed to trees.


It's not so much that we need to think outside of the box, rather we need to adopt a language of describing the natural world that is not based on a box. A language, which as Bucky Fuller & Alexander Graham Bell advocated, mimics the spatial geometry of Nature, which is tetrahedrally based with 4 axis/vectors that balance and resolve forces with respect to real volumes in space and changing over time.

Everything grows out of a center or an origin and does so in simple ways that seem to obey laws of uniform spacing, symmetry, triangulated structure, or patterns of recursive repetition at varying scales. Many forms are fractal, self-similar or aggregates of nested hierarchies. 

The closest packing of spheres and the structure of molecules all follow this principle.


As one becomes more aware of the world and the universe at increasingly larger and smaller scales, extending our awareness in both directions....several things become apparent. First, whether it is water going down a drain or the formation of a galaxy, everything is in motion in similar ways. At each and every scale of reality, the forms, patterns, and dynamics of what we see are self-organizing & repetitive with unanticipated emergent qualities depending on complexity and self-reflection.

The 3-dimensional relationships of electrical flow or any form energy is also spatial, the dynamics of charged particles a result of angular momentum at each scale are spatially relationships and are self-referential structural integrities. In addition, there is an extremely important component missing in most analysis of energy ... And that missing component is ROTATION!  Rotation of the charged particles, as a coherent structural waveform, progressing through space over a period of time as a self-referential helical field, within the overall context of the universe. Everything is in MOTION regardless of scale. Everything is within and related to everything else. The Universe is completely interconnected at every scale and in every way possible.


Electricity is a multi-dimensional fusion of electrical and magnetic fields within the special proportioning system of the Tetrahelix Waveform fractally organized and harmonically accessible AS A STRUCTURE.  This ensures waveform resonance and connectivity across magnitudes of scale. Straight field lines are NOT flat. They are "warped planes" and depending on the configuration can be hyperbolic, parabolic, or a combination such as "HYPARS" which are Hyperbolic Paraboloids. I believe that the fundamental assumption that electrical and magnetic fields are "flat" is erroneous and a faulty assumption that developed due to the constraints of how we have discovered and measured these forces. That we have reified the abstract concepts and not thought logically about how energy truly exists in the phenomenal world.


Is it possible then, that Maxwell's equations are not complete or accurate in this respect? Do they suffer from a misunderstanding of the true vector relationships of the charged particles in a field?  Such a misunderstanding is probably what lead scientists to think that electricity is comprised of 2 flat planar fields of energy modulated at 90º to each other with respect to a linear origin.


Perhaps the real situation is more complex, yet at the same time more natural and straightforward and in reality, simpler. What if the 2 fields are not flat planar surfaces at right angles, but rather hyperbolic-paraboloid surfaces interpenetrating each other's fields, and in the process creating a 3rd internal conduit-like core space, circumscribed & defined by these enclosing tangential fields within which, contained and constrained, is an infinite scalar force outside the phenomenal reality of E/M fields and space or time, an eternal and evolutionary source of creation, intelligence and all-pervasive... literally at the very core of what connects all of life.

From a traditional electromagnetic perspective, such a structure might still obey the "right-hand" rule for determining the direction of electrical flow... and the "apparent" direction of magnetic fields. This determination of field structure and the underlying assumptions regarding them needs to be re-investigated.

In this "Torsional" physics model of the universe, BOTH energy and matter exist outside of and around some core essence which is a mental field of consciousness, an infinite intelligence instantaneously a single omni-present awareness of mind. This would completely explain all the phenomenon and experiences of non-duality and non-locality.


Sacred Space & Architecture

There is a complex relationship of "Magnetic Hypar-field Surfaces" as synchronized by the TetraWaveForm within the Tetra-helical proportioning structure. A cross-section through these fields reveals a shape often referred to as the Vesica-Piscis, a 2-dimensional symbolic representation of this channel of divine intelligence... sometimes called the Mandorla or vessel of  "Christ or God Consciousness". Such symbols are the fingerprints of Divine Energy flowing through all life and reality.


This internal channel of connectivity and communication is instantaneous and  outside the realm of space and time. The TetraWave is literally the warping of the primordial energetic fields of reality in a manner that opens the "Gates" of eternity to anyone participating in the "Human Experience". This opening can occur anywhere and at anytime since its source is not space or time defined or constrained. It is literally everywhere at once outside of space and time, a universe in a grain of sand, a point of consciousness reflecting all other points.


Healing Spaces or Sacred Buildings are designed in such a way as to appropriately allow the opening up of such "Multi-dimensional Portals"  in ways that are safe and grounded in one's known reality while introducing an individual to the reality of other dimensions and modes of existence & consciousness. Such spaces will have as part of their primary design considerations, certain features and properties to protect against inter-dimensional "Backwashing". This is a precaution against a kind of Consciousness "Polluting" that can happen between separate realities existing at different levels of evolution. It's not that one is better or less "clean " than the other, just that since reality is literally woven and created from the very fabric consciousness, each reality must be separated for its own coherence and inherent stability.

The pulsed toroidal plasma circuit, as represented by the a Tetra-ring a "Linear Wave Induction Motor".... (More to be transcribed)