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Remote Viewing Samples

1st in-Formal "Self-directed" Remote Viewing Exercise

After first learning of the Stargate Program in 2009 having read the books of Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff, Joe Mcmoneagle,

Paul Smith & Stephan Schwartz.

1st "Formal" Remote Viewing Session

1st Practice Session with retired Major Paul Smith of RVIS after 4 days of Training.

ESP & Ingo Swann - 1987

After the Kundalini Awakening in 1985, I began to experience many types of ESP, especially when I was writing poetry, drawing free-hand sketches, or while meditating. In an attempt to understand what was happening I went to my favorite metaphysical bookstore in New Haven, Ct...and came across a book by Ingo Swann, entitled "Natural ESP". I was amazed at how many of the experiences Ingo wrote about where similar to mine. So I wrote to him through the publisher and sent a selection of writings from The Stargate Poems. Much to my surprise he responded several weeks later and had even singled out one of the poems as being "especially" noteworthy. At this point I had no idea that he was involved with a secret governmental military psychic spy program or that it would soon become the infamous StarGate Program.

Ingo w Cigar.png

Journal entry same day Ingo writes letter -  9/27/87

Ontology of Architecture Drawing.png

Creative Intelligence - by Joseph Matto 1992

My first drawing at Pratt Institute to express the transcendental nature of architecture and the inspiration that comes from "Outside the Box" with reference to the Egyptian Glyph for 2/3, the primary fraction of UNITY.

Letter from Ingo Swann - 9/27/87

Ingo Swann Letter.jpg
Ingo Swann - Universal Intelligence.png

Universal Intelligence  -  by Ingo Swann

This painting by Ingo Swann hangs in the Smithsonian Museum. I first saw it in 2008, 16 years after completing the drawing on the left entitled, "Creative Intelligence" in 1992.

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