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Issue Date:  FEBRUARY 1987


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Lid's Eye



Acoustichrome washes

sweep 'round

radi i


synaptic sight


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December 1986

Pre-Cognition?  Telepathy?  Remote Viewing?

A secret paranormal mass-readership experiment?

or.....ET Contact?

'On-Line' was written prior to the Internet. Before it meant what it does today with the internet. 
This was just one of many precognitive "fragments" or poems written after the Kundalini Awakening. "On-Line" was "penned" about 3 months PRIOR to the publication of this particular issue of OMNI magazine. In late February 1987, as I was browsing through the magazine racks at Barnes & Noble my eyes rested on the cover-art of this latest issue.  I froze in my tracks in disbelief as I slowly realized what I was looking at ... and what it was illustrating. I was astonished!
It was depicting EXACTLY what I had described in the poem with respect to my own experiences of attaining a hypnogogic edge-state consciousness that then enabled the ESP processes and some forms of 'remote perception'.... a process that for me sometimes involved synesthesia.
In the months after the Kundalini Awakening, during or after my meditations, I would often have these experiences of precognition or telepathy. It wasn't until 21 years later, however, in 2008, that I would first learn about "Remote Viewing" and the military's secret spying program now known as StarGate.
It is somewhat curious that in 1987 I had directly contacted the program's primary psychic, Ingo Swann, around whom most of the methods and protocols had been developed. I had written to Ingo in 1987 about my own personal experiences as they related to his book "Natural Telepathy".
I had sent him selections of my writings entitled the "Stargate Poems"...written during a time when I was apparently engaged in some form of Remote Viewing myself as part of my own spiritual awakening related to the Kundalini experience... but that also paralleled the development of the top secret psychic spying program. In a way... I was unwittingly remote viewing the remote viewers even so far as to have been using the same text "Drawing from the Right-side of the Brain" as I was using while developing my portfolio of creative artwork for architecture school applications and then also while in school at RISD from 1986-1988.
One interesting anachronistic fact is that the code-name 'Stargate' would not be selected & used until 1990, when Dale Graff became chief of the Ft Meade Project, at which time it was changed from Sun-Streak to StarGate. At this time I think Ingo was back in the Bowery doing his own artwork again.
After this incident with the poem 'On-Line', I often wondered if OMNI Magazine had been involved in any secretive experiments related to PSI phenomena targeted at an unsuspecting general readership or the public at me!
Turns out,  they certainly had.
Many years later, I would learn of the work of Stephan Schwartz, a key researcher into para-psychology during the early days of the development of Remote Viewing at SRI. Apparently, Schwartz had also been involved with OMNI in devising precognition and telepathy experiments as part of his work as director of The Moebius Group.
In 1987, when this poem was written, the primary experiments that I am aware of that had been devised by Schwartz, had ended. But he was still actively involved in several Remote Viewing experiments including an underwater archaeological expedition. I would be curious to know if he, or others, had intended anything in particular with the Omni cover-art in that 1987 Issue.
But there was a further connection to Stephan Schwartz beyond possibly these OMNI experiments. In 2008, when I first learned of the Stargate Program I also discovered and read 2 of his books, The Secret Vaults of Time and The Alexandria Project. As an architect, I was very interested in the idea of using RV for archaeological applications. I wasn't sure how to contact Stephan Schwartz but was able to contact retired Major Paul Smith, one of the army's remote viewers at Ft. Meade who had the additional task of codifying Swann's CRV method into a training manual for the army. I thought that if I could become trained in RV, perhaps at some future point I might try to work on some sort of project with Stephan Schwartz.
But then I discovered in 2017 that Paul Smith had been a mild critic of the early OMNI experiments, suggesting that such "generalized experiments were not likely to produce good results".  Well, perhaps I was one of the exceptions ....and I wondered how many unknown other exceptions like me might be out there unknown to the core cadre of Remote Viewers.... also in some way remotely perceiving whatever it was that OMNI or other PSI researchers might have been broadcasting on the psychic airwaves!

Stephen Schwartz & the MOEBIUS GROUP

PDF and Info re PSI projects w OMNI and IRVA .............................................

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