Star Birth

Once before I have felt this anticipation

beneath the luminous sky of a whispering night

when dreams stream through pin-light tunnels

crossing this boundless vault...

where treasures are quietly kept,

Until those moments

when keyed by moonlight

and silent offerings

secrets tumble from the stars 

caught in baskets of the highest thoughts

safe from the minds of the non-believers


But tonight... astonishment!

as the twinkling scrim fades to black

revealing twin moons 

each eclipsing their own sun!


Glittering beads of corona fire

dance like electric rings

charged beyond capacity

caught in the perfect reflection

the inevitable attraction

motionless.... then circling

they touch.


And with the pressure of eternity

a brilliance flares!

Fusing the inter-penetrated vision,

forming the timeless almond core

universal eye--shaped passage of all longing,

shooting the soul of a star  

through the gates of ecstasy

streaming heaven's love...

now and forever more.


jrm summer 1990

(Dream Vision while napping in the sun on a high rock overlooking a lake.)