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Jacob's Ladder


Beneath the fiery eye

of a swirling door

un - earthly vapors

fill the breathing bone chamber

which in - forms my mind

re - shaping my awareness

re - seeding my darkness


heated keys turn brighter

dissolving the tumbled star lock

revealing the twinkling passage

of angels and souls


scanning the helical horizons

of internal twilight

glowing silhouettes

hint of an unseen source

casting sorcerous shadows

from the time deep light

forming flying rainbow discs

that flicker - stabilize


and with the precision of clockwork

luminous rungs descend from the future

folding and unfolding eternity's wings

crossing sky - gold streams 

with silvery moon threads

warping into the wild heart madness

of threshold dreams

flashing the lightning quick stairs

that thunder me....





Jrm - 1987





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