1st "Informal" Remote Viewing Session..........................   6/16/2009

I first learned about "StarGate", the secret government psychic spy program, in 2009 while reading Michiu Kaku's book "Impossible Physics". There was a chapter specifically about ESP and as I read it I wondered if there might be any any mention of the notable psychic & author, Ingo Swann, who I had contacted many years earlier in 1987. He had written a book called "Natural ESP" which I discovered just after the awakening. I wrote to Ingo about my own ESP experiences and also sent him a selection of some writings I was calling "The Stargate Poems", that seemed to reflect and explain part of what had happened to me, as well as being the medium of some of the psychic phenomenon. So I went online and entered a few search terms. In minutes I had gathered quantitites of information about the clandestine program and its history, including the story of how Ingo Swann had not only been involved, but had served as the primary psychic around whom the method & protocols of Remote Viewing had been developed.

I also learned about many of the other players in the program, from the scientists and physicists Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff to many of the remote viewers themselves such as Joe McMoneagle, lynn Buchannan, Pat Price, Skip Atwater, and Paul Smith to name a few. Since the declassification of the program in 1995 it seemed that everyone who had in any way been involved with Remote Viewing had written a book about it from their own perspective. There were also books on the application of Remote Viewing for non-military purposes as well, as presented in a fascinating book by Stephen Schwartz with the intriguing tile, "The Secret Vaults of Time".  Stephen Schwartz and his associates had used Remote Viewing as a tool for archaeological exploration.

At the end of this broad introduction to Remote Viewing I decided that I would simply try it myself....foregoing any formal training and just using my meditation & drawings techniques as I had learned while in Industrial Design School and honed over the years in my career as an architect. As designers, we were being trained to imagine and design the future...to look forward into time and visualize what the future would look like. It was very much based on intuitive Right Brain sketching and drawing...In fact, we used the same book "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain" that the Fort Mead remote viewers were using.

By combining my training as an "Intuitive Artist" with my transcendental meditation practice, I realized that I had inadvertently been engaged in a kind of remote viewing myself without realizing it since I started studying creative visualization as a way of seeing into the future in Industrial & Architectural Design since 1972. I always thought of it as remote perception, since I never really "viewed" anything, rather we "Visualized" it by drawing and building models.....using our hands. This methodology had actually emerged from the famous Bauhaus school of Industrial design in Dessau, and was at the core of most industrial design schools in the 60's and 70's. The course was often called "Creative Visualization" and in my opinion is closely related to Remove Viewing.,

Back to the RV story... I grabbed a blank journal page and sat in a comfortable chair. I meditated briefly getting into a hypnogogic state....and then wrote the words of the subtle inner "voice" that I had become so familiar with....and then sketched spontaneously without regard to exactly what was being communicated. When I was done I read the brief description and studied the sketch. I thought to myself....I must be crazy!

But still, I was intrigued. Having gone this far, I only needed to wait a day to see how crazy I was..... I checked the internet as soon as I woke up the next day. I searched to see if there had been a train accident somewhere out in the midwest... or anywhere in the country. There hadn't been.

I checked several more times that morning and then laughed at myself to think that I had remote viewed the future! How absurd!!  I finally went about my day forgetting about the session until mid-afternoon when I remembered what I had attempted the day before....and so I checked the internet one more time certain that nothing would have happened. 


BUT!.....What I found on the internet the next day was startling, amazing and in some ways.... quite unnerving!