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True Vine

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

"I am the true vine"...connecting all living and growing things.

I am the living divine core of consciousness within all things... the light that is not of the phenomenal world.

When the Wave is Collapsed a moment of divine energy is cut off from the vine and light is emitted as a photon.

When a Birkeland current is pinched, a similar process occurs but at a much larger scale.

In this case...a Star is Born.

Humans are biological data structures alive and existing within the tetra-helical time matrix of the Universe. Each Life, each instance of coherent awareness, exists as a Helical Vortex of "IN-FORM-ation" a fractal part of the whole Living Data Structure of the TIME. There are many universes and communication between them is possible.

Within a single universe and life, the present moment is the plane of awareness that the tetrahelix passes through. Because of the inherent geometry of TetraWave, a cross-section through at any moment literally cuts across threads that have both past connections and future connections. It is within this helical Data Structure of any singular consciousness that both memory and precognition are made is also possible to disconnect from any moment in time and place one's awareness at the transcendent core of divine energy. Here....ALL TIME is accessible.


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