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Dream of the Duomo


Lingering in the memory

of the day's long walk

re-visiting the plazas and cafes

that offered the best advantage

I close my eyes to frame in fuller form

that which was too large for pedestrian vistas

And through these thin skin veils

that shield my occupation

a distant skyline emerges

extending the boundaries of my perception


And in that moment the whole flower brightens

stone marbled walls of green & white perfection.

And with the same sureness as one

who would have laid the lines,

I trace the steep arched massing,

the main proportions and sacred divisions...

defining the contours of a place and time.


But clinking cups and saucers

clatter from the rooftop trattoria

collapsing my consciousness

back to this balustrade world

restraining my reach into the air

of Renaissance.


My cappuccino cools.

The sun closes the circular landscape.

I am left measuring but shadowy dimensions

of a past time's subtle escape.

Then unexpectedly... from the dimming day around me

earth-bound roof lines waver below me

the tall dome silhouette lifts my awareness

it's brilliant lantern gleaming solitaire

reflecting a source now unseen,

as if the architect had designed this moment

revealing the dreamer to the dream!





Jrm - June 1993



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