Target Hit !

Target 282:

Delicate Arch

Arches National Park, Utah    38º 44' 37.33 - 109º 29' 57.63" W

Target Summary Statement  BEFORE opening the envelope...

The site is a land feature...vast spectacular, awe-inspiring. Mostly rocky. Evidence of wind-swept surfaces...reddish browns, greens...some surface "Shelving", cracked and brittle. Vast depth of vision... over-arching environmental scale.  Dry, warm and arid natural formations."

4 Sketch 1 - Arch fragment.png

Post Session Research

The drawing below was the first  stage 3 sketch to "widen the aperture" and develop kinesthetic interaction.

It preceded the drawings that were more focused on the arch itself. It was after doing this sketch that Paul Smith, as the monitor, advised me to "Move West 400 Feet". It was after this directive that I actually focused on the Arch. I suspect that Paul knew the site and understood where my point of viewing was from this sketch. After the session I went to Google Earth to view the arch and the surroundings. What was amazing was that this sketch, although not of the target, was very accurate it what it depicted of the local environs....The perimeter high lands and then the canyon with the mesas rising from the canyon floor...even the amount and density of desert shrubbery.