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Discoveries in Sacred Geometry & Architecture
             1986-1990 thru current   

Joseph Matto Architect AIA






Star Gate - Star Bridge ©1987

('StarGate' Concept & Inception, Geometric Models, & following Quotes & Original Poetry ....first created and/or cited in 1987)


Universal Mythical Archetypes of Transformation

"A structured constellation of ideas, images and related exercises yielding transformational experiences will have appeared

over an extensive historical field...unmistakably of

"One Originating Structure".

Joseph Campbell  - "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space"

"The very dialectic of the sacred tends to repeat a series of archetypes,

such that a hierophany realized at a certain historical moment

is Structurally Equivalent to a hierophany a thousand years earlier or later".


Mircea Eliade - "Rites and Symbols of Initiation"

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 8.21.16 AM.png
Caduceus - Indra and Snakes.png

Star Bridge Sculpture  1990

Modeling of Axial Core, Centroidal Vectors, Rays

& Ring Planes  


Five "ring planes" (co-planar and vertically aligned with 5 vertices of 2  TOT's) Five stacked Rings proportion the Tetrahelix vertices stabilizing the dynamics of a rotational Waveform


Morphologically similar Iconography or Unique Structures?


- 5 Granite Beams of King's Chamber Superstructure

- Biblical tetramorphs

- Stargate Movie Transporter

Tetramorph on Wheels.png
Seraph-Tetramorph between Pilasters.png
Tetramorph w Book of LIfe.png



5 Flying Rings.png

Stargate Movie

"Transport Rings"



Flying Rings


TetraWave Torsional & "Bi-Directional" Waveform

Derived from the rotation & self-referential progression/transmission of the Centroidal Bond Vectors & TOT Pair Axis within the Tetrahelix Framework



Twin Interpenetrated Hypar Fields

Comprised of two simultaneously generated identical "HYPAR" fields that interpenetrate each other

A 3rd 'Inner Core Channel' is formed ....a "Conduit" defined by the fields that expresses the Golden Mean Ratio or PHI.

In cross-section this "Channel" can be understood as a Mandorla, the Vesica-Pisces, or the Nimbus of a radiant hyperbolically enveloped divine consciousness.  This core locus of an all-pervasive instantaneously creative intelligence...divine consciousness....connects all living things. Like a USB wire on your cell phone it transmits both the Power Source AND the Information Data Source. It is Instantaneous outside of the phenomenal world. It is the fire within....permeating the luminous ground of all reality and existence. Its passage is...Life.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 8.52.52 AM.png


Passage of the Divine Bird

None can describe its flight,

though we think we know

what it cannot be

or should not be - 

not dart or swoop,

no labored flapping.

Something elegant, majestic -

a great soaring arc perhaps,

or a raptor plummet

from the dazzling sun.

Possibly all of these;

just as possibly, none.

This is no bird bird

but a Divine bird,

and it is more than flight:

it is passage,

passage though our lives

through each life.

That is how we know

this bird is divine - 

as it passes through life,

mere life,


merely passes

never pauses, stops - 

nor do I,

nor can it.


"Miro' Mirror" 

   Poems by Rev. Robley E. Whitson. 


   Theological Dept. Chairman Fordham University 1963-85-

    Visiting Scholar Princeton 1967,

   In Grateful Memory ....A Friend and Mentor

  Rev. Robley E. Whitson

   2/1/1931 - 6/12/2019

  Author of

  "The Coming Convergence of World Religions" - 1971

 Co-founder with Davyne Verstandig of the Washington Writer's Group,

 of which I was a member, fellow poet, and humble Wizard's Apprentice.  :)

Elevation Perspective...As if rising from the Giza Pyramid.

Bond vectors are resonantly matched perfectly to the Pyramid's Slope Angle..tuned by the inner location of the king's chamber and complex relationship of resonant frequencies powered by the energy produced by the Giza Power Plant....

(See Chris Dunn's work).

Golden Mean Footprint 

Passage of the TetraWaveform thru a 2-D plane, perpendicular to the TetraWave axis, imprints a trace that in 2-D is the Golden Mean Ratio!  The progression is axial, but the Rotation of the waveform is Eccentric relative to the centroids.This is perhaps why the true center of any spiral of flowers, seeds or leaves can never be found even at the smallest scales. Each growth center is relative to the last, but rotated in time.  In 2-D it appears as the so called "Phi-Angle" of 137.5º... BUT really, it is the tetrawave's centroidal rotation angle extended in space OVER TIME from TOT to TOT eccentrically at....131.81º....that generates the 2-d geometry of the golden PHI angle.

Plan View - Cross Section 

Plan View of the first TOT-Pair of a Tetrahelix showing centroid locations

of each TOT prior to rotation/progression. This superimposed cross section shows the

projected Edges, Centroidal Bond Vector & TOT Pair Axis.

Significant mathematical relationships emerge including the Golden Mean Core & √5 ratio.

√2 & √3 are the relations between square, triangle and circle, AND the arctangent √2/3 is the angle of tilt for the orientation of the first triangular face of a TOT. This was difficult to determine initially until I understood the cylindrical morphology of the Tetrahelix and that ALL vertices lie on the surface of a cylinder equidistant apart. (See geometric study models under index item 8 ...."Tetrahelix to TetraWaveform))

The TetraWave geometry also corresponds precisely to the Egyptian 11:11 Grid and radially to octagonally rotated structures such as the Dome of the Rock and most grid based sacred architecture.

The dimensions of this footprint illustration reference a core unit-circle radius equal to 1.

The largest gray circle is congruent with the 11:11 Grid (Egyptian Geometry Reference)

and is the Circular Perimeter of a Tetrahedron resting flat on one Face. 

The larger black circle is the cylindrical envelope of the Tetrahelix.

The smallest black circle is the tangent of core at narrowest point.

The smaller intermediate circle is the orbit of the centroids in each TOT.

The very small 2 red circles are the Centroids of each TOT.

The Bond Vector distance is √5... and is in a PHI ratio relative to the Core Diameter.

The Bond Vectors are tangent to the core (smallest circle),

and they define & generate the core by the circum-rotation of these vectors

as the TOT Pairs progress in space, individually or as a chain of TOTs.

What is a TOT?

A "Tetra-Helically Oriented Tetrahedron"

TOTs extend in space creating a regular tetrahelix with a common central axis. TOT Pairs as "face-bonded' tetrahedrons, share a triangular face between the TOTs or "Common-Hedral". 


The axis of each TOT pair, when rotated progressively, defines two interpenetrating fields or membranes as hyperbolic paraboloids or Hypars, which is also congruent with the centroidal vector bonds.

Tetrahelices are Enantiomorphic exhibiting either a right-hand twist or a left-hand twist.

The orientation of the 4th Tetrahedron (2 TOTs) determines the spin direction.

Implying that each triplet of 3 tetrahedrons is spin neutral.

Sculpture & photo sequence showing progression of elements that create the twin Hypar fields of the TetraWave. This is a only a static structure, a "Snapshot" of the more dynamic and complex rotating geometry of form-energy resonance. The Illuminated core is actually a Vesica Pisces "Envelope" of EM fields in cross-section that rotates along the axis. (This Vesica Pisces shape is illustrated in cross sections of the CAD models.)

Tetrawave Core and transluscent Hedrals.

Core Flow Channel thru Linear TetraCrystal

Core Flow & Centroidal Paths correspond twith DNA Helix

TetraWAve-Centroid Envelope & Centroid b

TOT Centroids as red & blue beads around Hypar Core within Tetrahelix Frame

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 7.05.38 AM.png

Twin Hypar Fields On Axis with Solar Ray

Bird's Eye View Down Through Tetrahelix


Overhead view of TetraWave Hypars in Static Tetrahelix Frame within an Alternating Tetra-helical Toroidal Ring

(Before fabricating the Moebius Plasma Induction Ring Wave - Shown Below)

Tetra Ring.jpg

Tetra-Toroidal Moebius Plasma Induction Ring 

7-fold Geometry - 28 Tetrahedrons - 14 Regular Inward-Facing, 14 Irregular Outward Facing

Energy Facility Portal.png

"Cosmic Fire"

Entry - 1990

Osaka Design Competition

Facility of Unknown Process 


  - StarGate Inter-dimensional Trans-temporal Portal & Bridge

-DNA Formative & Resonant Coding/Transcription Structure

-Zero-Point Energy Tap & Conversion System

-Natural or Synthetic Telepathy System

- Birkeland Current

-Planck Scale "Worm-Hole"

...All of the Above



A Cosmic Scale/Planck Scale "Black Hole"?

(as Plasmoid or Plasma Toroidal Induction Ring)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Black Hole?


     Plasma Toroid!

April 10th 2018

Announcement of 1st image of A "Black Hole" ?

From The Event Horizon Telescope  

 Avery Broderick of Perimeter Institute  -  Supported by National Science Foundation

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 6.54.02 AM.png
Ingo Swann - Universal Intelligence.png
Ontology of Architecture Drawing.png

Universal Intelligence

Smithsonian Gallery

Painting by Ingo Swann


Creative Intelligence

Featuring Egyptian Glyph for the 2/3 Fraction of UNITY

Drawing by Joseph Matto


Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 6.59.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 6.59.57 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 6.59.53 AM.png
Tetra Ring - Black Hole Toroid4.png



Black Hole Accretion Code



BHAC, Porth et al. (2017)

Hypar Toroidal Plasma Ring


Twin Hypar Field Tetra-Waveform 

as Double Wall Electric Jets


Joseph Matto  1987-1990 

(Physical Model Photo-altered

to Express Flare Extension & Symmetry - 2019)

"TOT Pair Footprint"

Vajra shown Centroid to Centroid

Fractal Tetrahelix Framework

for infinitely nested Tetrawaves of Living Data Structures

All Cores Connected via Resonance

1,2, & 4 Frequency hedrals of 4 TOT Tetrahelix

showing centroids and TOT axis thru each pair.

Transition from flat triangle within circle to TOTs is accomplished by varying strut lengths sequentially by exactly 1/3 and then 2/3 of edge length of one tetrahedron.

The cylinder that encloses the Tetrahelix/Tetrawave (T/T) is exactly 10% smaller than the originating circle and its axis is eccentrically offset from the originating circle by 1/10th.

The cross section of the T/T can be mapped perfectly onto an 11x11 Grid

inclusive of the originating circle in 2D.

(See section 7 - )

The same grid within the perimeter of the cylinder (the envelope of the Tetrawave) is a 9x9 subset grid of the original 11:11 grid. The 9x9 grid rotates around, and tangentially circumvents and defines the T/T core, within which another T/T can be imagined nesting inwardly in an infinite regress.


Inversely the T/T can be expanded outwardly in an infinite expansion.

I suspect the mathematics of this matrix can be correlated to the brilliant work of

Robert Grant and his theory of the Etymology of Number.

It is my belief The Tetrawave is the central living bio-data structure of all the universe.

The internal twin hypar fields when they pass thru either the upper gate (Crown Chakra) or lower gate (Root Chakra) will then extend out and around mapping onto a torus.

In this way the entire toroidal energy form with the TetraWave core

Becomes as it were, a single instance of consciousness.

This same structure is implied in the structure of the solar system with Birkeland currents connecting planets to the sun and then the sun at the center extends out and around mapping onto the heliopause, which has been shown to have a double field boundary.

Each field of the double field boundary mapped on the torus is the same twin or double field hypars within Tetrawave. In this way we have a Universe of Pearls all connected with a divine essence at the core.

Special word of Thanks and Gratitude to my beloved Prof. Haresh Lalvani

at the Advanced Morphology Lab at PRATT Institute, Brooklyn, NY.

- Prof. Lalvani was a student of Buckminster Fullers while at UPenn.



Nassim Haramein


& Faculty

Marshall Lefferts  - Cosmometry

Robert Grant  - 

Alan Green - 

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Scholars, Scientists, Researchers, Writers, Healers, Mystics & Charlatans...

Just a very few of the many seekers and investigators who have inspired, influenced or affirmed my work over the past 34 years, and the personal journey of awakening, evolution and transformation that is...

the privilege and Destiny of being Human.

Megalitho-Mania - Hugh Newman

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Robert Lawlor - Sacred Geometry & Geometry at The End of Time

Eric Von Daniken -  Chariots of the Gods

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Russell Carlson - Sacred Geometry International

Jay Weidner

Richard Greer

Paul Smith - Remote View Instructional Services

Dr. Dean Radin - Chief Scientist IONS

Julia Mossbridge

Ingo Swann

Dr. Hal Puthoff

Marty Rosenblatt - Applied Precognition Project 

Alexander Graham Bell

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Christopher Dunn - The Giza Power Plant

Jeffrey Mishlove - New Thinking Allowed

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David Wilcock - The Source Field Investigations

Emery Smith

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