Christ Consciousness

TOT Centroids as red & blue beads around Hypar Core within Tetrahelix Frame

Twin Hypar Fields On Axis with Solar Ray


Overhead view of TetraWave Hypars in Static Tetrahelix Frame within an Alternating Tetra-helical Toroidal Ring

(Before fabricating the Moebius Plasma Induction Ring Wave - Shown Below)

Tetra-Toroidal Moebius Plasma Induction Ring 

7-fold Geometry - 28 Tetrahedrons - 14 Regular Inward-Facing, 14 Irregular Outward Facing

"Cosmic Fire"

Entry - 1990

Osaka Design Competition

Facility of Unknown Process 


  - StarGate Inter-dimensional Trans-temporal Portal & Bridge

-DNA Formative & Resonant Coding/Transcription Structure

-Zero-Point Energy Tap & Conversion System

-Natural or Synthetic Telepathy System

- Birkeland Current

-Planck Scale "Worm-Hole"

All of the Above,



A Cosmic Scale "Black Hole"?

(as Plasmoid or Plasma Toroidal Induction Ring)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Black Hole?


     Plasma Toroid!

April 10th 2018

Announcement of 1st image of A "Black Hole" ?

From The Event Horizon Telescope  

 Avery Broderick of Perimeter Institute  -  Supported by National Science Foundation

Universal Intelligence

Smithsonian Gallery

Painting by Ingo Swann


Creative Intelligence

Featuring Egyptian Glyph for the 2/3 Fraction of UNITY

Drawing by Joseph Matto


BHAC, Porth et al. (2017)



Black Hole Accretion Code



Hypar Toroidal Plasma Ring


Twin Hypar Field Tetra-Waveform 

as Double Wall Electric Jets


Joseph Matto  1987-1990 

(Physical Model Photo-altered

to Express Flare Extension & Symmetry - 2019)

"TOT Pair Footprint"

Vajra shown Centroid to Centroid



Nassim Haramein & Faculty

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